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Food laboratory

Food Laboratory Service

Nav Labs (AUS) is committed to deliver accurate, timely and high-quality food laboratory services to the Food Industry. Our mission is to ensure manufactured food is safe and protect the consumer.

The Food Industry is increasingly subject to critical examination and observation.  Testing to protect public health and ensure compliance with food safety regulations is essential. More so, is crucial to the efficient production of high-quality products.

The scope of our Microbiological Testing and Chemical Analysis activity encompasses the safety and quality attributes of food products. At Nav Labs (AUS) we use advanced methods and technology to identify risk factors, improve efficiency, quality and add value to the market. Our test methods are based on Australian Standards or recognised international references. We conduct testing for:

  • Shelf-life validation
  • New product testing
  • Customer complaint investigation
  • Process verification and validation
  • Plant hygiene
  • Regulatory product testing
  • Nutritional information
  • Allergen testing, and more.

Food Consultancy Service

Food businesses leverage our extensive Food Industry problem-solving and consulting services. Our consultants provide food safety program documentation and technical support. In addition, we can engage independent food consultants to assist with food safety management requirements. Our specialists provide customers proper guidance in relation to food regulations. They are committed to identifying the problem and implementing an effective solution with minimal time to avoid disruptions to operations.

Our People

Harjinder Singh is a Food Safety Auditor, Consultant and Food Technologist with over 20 years of Food Industry experience working at various levels in wide range of sectors. For instance, Meat, Dairy, Produce and Ready-To-Eat meals. Harjinder has broad auditing capability in food manufacturing, food service, hospitals kitchens, and logistics.

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