Chemical Analysis

 Chemical Analysis:

The chemical analysis is important to ensure food safety and composition of food is known to consumer. It is legal requirement of food label to have nutritional information panel.

Nav Labs has set up a brand new chemical analysis laboratory with recent technology and brand new instruments to serve our clients with the best service. Our analysts are highly qualified and experienced in food chemistry. The chemical laboratory is lead by Dr. Imam Insari, who has PhD degree in chemistry discipline and comes with many years experience of chemical testing in professional laboratories.

The testing of a food product is very crucial for labelling to ensure packages products are compliant to applicable legislation. We have expanded our service in chemical testing of food with the newest techniques for manufactured and raw food materials analysis.

Recently, Nav Labs has expanded its NATA scope of accreditation into chemical testing. We are now NATA Accredited for Fat, Moisture, Salt and Ash for Flours; Meat and meat products; Mixed foods; Cereal products; Grains; Meat and meat products; Pet foods; Cheese; Butter; Dairy products. Detailed scope of accredation is avaiable on NATA website.

Our chemical analysis laboratory testing includes fat, FFA, protein, salt, sugar, salt, carbohydrate, energy, allergens, nitrite, nitrate and NIP of food. Other tests like moisture, water activity, pH, heavy metals and allergens are also available. The turnaround time for chemical tests is 10 working days. However, we can prioritise testing and reduce the turnaround time. This of course attracts extra cost for testing.

We offer a full range of inorganic and organic testing services that ensure Nav Labs Aus customers has a one stop shop for all of their testing needs.

Laboratory Manager has been working in food industry for over 15 years and worked at various levels in wide range of industries. This includes meat industry, dairy, produce and ready to eat meals. He also has wide auditing experience in food manufacturing, food service, hospitals kitchens, logistics. We are consulting laboratory with range of services.

We serve range of industries like prepared foods, smallgoods manufacturing, abattoirs, further meat processing, ready to eat meals, food service, seafood, wholesalers, retailer and export businesses.

Chemical Analysis instruments:

  • HPLC
  • Karl Fischer
  • Kjeldahl
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Soxhlet
  • pH meter
  • Water Activity meter

All test methods are based on Australian Standards or recognized international references (e.g. AOAC, AOCS, APHA).

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