Food Consulting Services

food consulting servicesNav Labs (AUS) as extensive Food Industry problem solving expertise and food consulting services to assist food businesses. Our consultants provide food safety program documentation and technical support. We have numerous independent food consultants available to assist with food safety management requirements. They provide guidance to customers related to food regulations, work to identify the problem and action an effective solution in the shortest possible time to avoid disruptions to operations. When any food quality or safety issues arise (e.g. customer complaint, contact us for food consulting services), we respond rapidly by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the situation and advising of possible corrective actions. Customer complaints involving foreign matter identification are handled by our industry partners. 

Food Consulting 

Highly qualified consultants are available for food safety management support on casual or full-time contract basis. We develop Food Safety Programs based on HACCP, regulatory and legislative requirements. The consultant may attend your facility, conduct a gap audit, advise of corrective actions, review and update procedures and policies, train staff and attend customer and third-party audits. Each Food Safety Program is developed specific to the facility and compliant to business licensing conditions. The consultants may conduct internal audits, management reviews, staff training, validations and verification activities. For more information contact us or visit

Our services are available for the following:

  • Food Safety Program development
  • Risk assessment
  • Policies and procedures
  • Internal audit and management review
  • Product Label Reviews
  • Shelf-Life Validations and Verification
  • challenge testing
  • Mock Recall
  • Food Safety Procedures & Policies
  • GMP Training
  • Export Approved Arrangements
  • PrimeSafe Requirements for Meat businesses
  • FOOD ACT 1984 Compliance Class 1 & 2
  • Childcare, Aged care, Hospitals, Catering
  • Woolworths Quality Assurance
  • Coles Supplier Requirements
  • ALDI Addendum

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